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Three-Year Old Girl Practices Lockdown at Home – It's Heartbreaking!

For some parents, it’s hard to see their children grow up too fast. Usually, growing up too fast means they start acting older than they are. Sometimes, however, children are forced into situations where they have no choice but to act beyond their years. One mother from Texas didn’t realize how much her child was forced to mature ahead of her time – until she walked in on her child “practicing”. What was she practicing for? A lockdown drill. Her three-year old child felt compelled to practice at home for the event of a lockdown drill at school. With...

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People Switching Weapons In Movies With Selfie Sticks Is Hilarious

Replacing guns with something else in movies has had a dubious history ever since they changed the guns in E.T. to walkie-talkies. And while it’s true that such changes can spark interesting and serious conversations about our culture and society, it’s also really funny to see what people with Photoshop come up with. A while ago it was quite popular to switch guns with a thumbs up, and many a hearty laugh was had across the internet. After all, it made some of the biggest badasses in cinematic history look like really supportive and encouraging people. Now, the latest...

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