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Gymnast Combines Her Floor Routine With Hip Hop And It's Awesome

This is Sophina DeJesus, a gymnast with UCLA and new queen of the internet’s affections. At a recent meet versus Utah, she decided to unveil her one of a kind routine that features amazing feats of acrobatics combined with heavy hip hop beats. It comes across almost flawlessly. In fact, she was so powerful, incredible, gravity-defying, and amazing in her performance that the entire crowd was standing up and cheering, with many demanding that she be given a perfect 10 score for her routine that brought the house down. When she wasn’t whipping and nae nae’ing her way to...

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Rescued Pit Bull Sees Little Girl Cartwheeling, Then Does This!

Warning! This video features a little girl getting viciously attacked by a pit bull! Well, her gymnastics routine is being attacked, because it’s nowhere near as cute or hilarious as the dog’s. The only thing that might be hurt is the girl’s pride, and her parents ribs from laughing too hard. Seriously, just observe the natural beauty and grace of this rescued pit bull as he tries so desperately hard to be like a human. It’s like he’s saying “hey, I’m part of this family too!” And who can blame him? He just wants to have as much fun...

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86 Year Old Grandma Takes To The Parallel Bars, Host Can't Believe Her Eyes

Never judge a book by its cover. While it’s very common and normal to lose some mobility with age, this talented lady has gone the opposite direction. Seemingly just as limber as ever, this 86 year old gymnast takes to the parallel bars for a smooth and flawless routine. We’re not sure what we love more; that this woman still knows and can nail her routine after all these years, or the gasps of the host as she’s left impressed time and time again. Set to some delightful classical music, granny shows us all that she’s still got what...

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Bulgarian Gymnast Seems To Defy The Laws Of Physics

There’s being flexible, and there’s being a contortionist, and then there’s this young Bulgarian gymnast named Boyanka Angelova. She’s doing things with her ball and body that appear to defy the very laws of physics. She moves with such impressive grace and fluidity, one can’t help but wonder if she’s even human. Not even twenty seconds into her routine, and she already has the audience constantly applauding her and cheering her on. The audience is so loud and impressed, that the Latin-inspired music can he hard to hear at times. We have no idea if this incredibly talented girl...

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Team Spain's Breathtaking Rhythmic Gymnastics Routine

Spain. The European nation thats straddles the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. A land of great passion and friendliness, with a long and complicated history. A country fiercely protective of its traditions and culture, but also welcoming to peoples and cultures from around the world. A football (soccer)-mad nation famous for its cured meats, paella, and sangria, ‘Brand Spain’ is a powerhouse cultural producer and exporter around the world. Here too is an expression of the passion and power of Spanish culture; a rhythmic gymnastic piece from 2012 that just oozes latin vitality and energy. Five gymnasts move around the...

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