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Kammok Glider: Camping Tarp That Retains Rainwater for Use

The Kammok Glider is the first portable hammock shelter with a fully integrated rainwater retention system for water collection in the backyard or wherever you’re camping. The patent-pending water retention uses a unique design that channels the rainwater into the sides and down towards a funnel that is attached to a water bottle to collect the water. The shelter also features Amphibiskin fabric to keep you protected from blistering heat, rain or snow. The Glider pairs seamlessly with Kammok’s other products: Roo and Dragonfly to create the ultimate light-weight camping experience. Available Here. Watch the demo down below! Where...

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Makinex Powered Hand Truck: Single Handedly Lift Equipment and Goods with Ease

Click here to Buy The Makinex Powered Hand Truck is a universal materials handling solution that enables you to single handedly lift and load small equipment and bulky goods. It’s a quick and easy alternative compared to a forklift or tailgate loader. With the standard hook attachment, the Makinex can hold up to 140kg (308 lbs). With the forklift attachment, the Makinex can hold up to 120kg (265 lbs). To use the Makinex Powered Hand Truck, simply place the hook through the lift eye of whatever you’re carrying (assuming you’re using the standard attachment). Then, simply transport the equipment/goods...

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