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Snow Day At Oregon Zoo Has All The Animals Playing Around

When you think of a snow day, you’ll have one of the two reactions: be extremely happy about the snow, or completely stay indoors and stay away from the treacherous cold.   For animals at the Oregon Zoo, they didn’t have much of a choice when the snow shut down the zoo, they had to be outside. Thankfully, they all enjoy the snow and seem to be extremely happy about it.   This worker at the zoo skied in to check on the animals and found them all jumping around in the snowy outdoors. We see polar bears playing...

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Forgotten Johnny Cash Letter to June Carter Will Melt Your Heart

Because the real world isn’t nearly as twisted or melodramatic as a soap opera, many of us turn to celebrity gossip for our daily dose of romantic conflict. Celebrities are, for the most part, our number one source of consistent high-stakes personal drama.   But that doesn’t always have to be the case. Not every celebrity makes the cover of an entertainment news rag. Some, like Johnny Cash, have surprisingly normal and sweet relationships with their spouses.   Need proof? Just check out this love letter he wrote his wife in 1994 on her birthday. It’s truly sweet to...

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Child's Hair Angers the Internet, But She Refuses to Let Them Get to Her

The internet can be needlessly hostile against parents who decide to go against the grain. If you encourage your children to be free spirits or let them dye their hair unconventional colors, the internet hate machine will work quickly to turn you into a pariah. Even still, little Lyra isn’t going to let that stop her. h/t Mary Thomaston/Instagram Lyra’s mom, Mary Thomaston, is a hairdresser who works with hair of a variety of styles and colors. When Lyra asked her mother to dye her hair, Mary was careful to make sure she did everything as safely and as...

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