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Spire Stone Activity Tracker: Prevent and Manage Stress Before You Realize It’s Happening

Click here to Buy The Spire Stone activity tracker is perfect for the person who is under a lot of stress! It’s designed to manage and track your stress, and help prevent its negative effects on the body. It has a patented respiration sensor that tracks your breathing all day and lets you know if there are abnormalities. It connects to the corresponding smartphone app and tracks the data, helping you understand what, where, and who causes your individual stress. Spire also provides breathing exercises to help you calm down when you’re stressed. It also tracks your health through...

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Bellabeat: The Health Tracker That Fits With Your Personal Style

Click here to Buy The Bellabeat is perfect for the fitness-conscious person with their own style! It lets you track your health and fitness without compromising your fashion sense. It comes with necklace and bracelet attachments, or you can wear it attached to your clothes! It tracks your steps, calories burned, and distance moved, keeping you in the loop on your activity. It also tracks your sleep in an in-depth way—the Bellabeat monitors your sleep patterns, showing you the quality and quantity of your sleep. You can also track your reproductive cycle! All the data syncs to the corresponding...

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