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TN State Trooper Donates Gifts To Mother With 2 New Foster Sons

The Tennessee Highway Patrol recently shared a heartwarming Facebook post written by a mother who was stopped by a TN State Trooper when he noticed the two children in the back did not have carseats. Instead of giving the mother a ticket, he decided to do this: “I was pulled over Wednesday morning by a TN State Trooper. When he came up to the car he asked ‘Why are the two boys in… Posted by Love What Matters on Sunday, December 11, 2016 What a great example of officers that go above and beyond the ordinary duty they provide! Thank...

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Homeless Man Walks Into Chick-Fil-A Asking For Leftovers, Gets A Full Meal And A Prayer From The Manager Instead

Joey Mustain, a father from Murfreesboro, TN, was bringing his young daughter, Stella, to a Chick-Fil-A one day when he had a unique encounter. He explains that he witnessed a homeless man walk into the Chick-Fil-A asking for food. Instead of giving him scraps, the manager decided to go above and beyond to do this: I took Stella to Chick-fil-A today. It’s our normal daddy/daughter spot. It’s clean, so good, and the playground has a… Posted by Joey Mustain on Monday, January 25, 2016 It’s incredible nowadays to see a local business put people over profits but on this particular...

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His Wife Got Pregnant From An Affair, But No One Expected Him To Do This For Her

It’s without a doubt that a man would get angry if their wife got pregnant from an affair. They’d feel betrayed, many would just walk right out of their lives. But this man believed the child shouldn’t have to suffer from her mother’s mistake, so he decided to do this for her: Comment from discussion What’s your most wholesome secret?. Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bierstick: Down 2 Beers in Less Than 2 Seconds Perfect for those who want to win at any beer chugging contests, this gadget will let you chug up to 2 beers in less than 5...

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Kind Young Man is Inspired to Help an Old Lady He Doesn't Know with Her Groceries

We say it often here, but little gestures go a long way. Senquavious Driver of Atlanta, Georgia took the time out of his day to help an 81-year old woman go shopping. He did not know the woman and she did not ask for assistance, but he was able to tell that she was struggling to get out of her car and walk to the door.   Some passersby caught his actions on camera and, after they spread it around the internet, Driver was featured on Fox 5 Atlanta’s nightly news. Way to go, Senquavious! We can always use...

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