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Local Police Adopt Pit Bulls To Train And Become Official Police Canine

Pit Bulls are one type of dog breed that are assumed to be dangerous and mean.   Although there are many stories involving Pit Bulls being sweet, loyal and loving, this assumption still exists.   Because of this, the Animal Farm Foundation collaborated with Universal K9 to provide pit bulls from animal shelters, to train and become official police canines!   This will show that pit bulls can be loyal and respected like any other canine and since K9 units are usually very expensive, this would help local police departments obtain a cheaper K9 unit. And the program has...

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The Shocking Reason Why A State Trooper Crashed His Car On Purpose

While we must stay vigilant against dirty and corrupt cops that tarnish the badge, we must also remember that there countless good cops out there who put their lives on the line every day in order to protect their neighborhoods and communities.   Sometimes, that involves incredible sacrifice, and that was very much the case for this Arkansas State Trooper. Thankfully, he survived this ordeal and is undergoing rehabilitation.   “This Morning, Arkansas State Trooper 1st Class Moomey hit a drunk driver head on, ON PURPOSE. The drunk was speeding the wrong way on the interstate, obviously posing a...

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Struggling Teen Gets Far More Than The Box Of Donuts He Asked For

Sometimes the greatest journeys in life start with the simplest of things. Sometimes being kind and asking for nothing more than a box of donuts in exchange can completely turn your life around, and that’s exactly what happened to a young Memphis man. Chauncy Black offered to carry a man’s groceries in exchange for a box of donuts.   Matt White was the man in question. Seeing this kind boy struggle broke his heart, and he was compelled to help Chauncy beyond a simple box of donuts. Instead, he bought the 16-year-old teenager an entire cart full of groceries....

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Brave Bus Driver Stops A Planned School Shooting

Not all heroes wear capes, and the people of Macon County, North Carolina know that all too well. Alice Bradley is a school bus driver and a pretty tough woman. One seemingly normal morning, she arrived at the school long before the kids, but noticed a rather suspicious-looking couple standing in the parking lot.   Before she knew it, the man flashed a gun at Alice, threatening to shoot her. Without even thinking, she ran right for the gunman and managed to scare him and the woman away. She called police who then caught up with the suspects and...

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Humble Heroes Rescue Horses from Deadly Flood Waters in Texas

It’s a sad scene to see these magnificent horses swimming for their lives as flash flood waters rose at the Cypress Trails Equestrian Center, North of Houston. But heroic efforts from the owner, friends, and volunteers brought the horses to safety. One rescuer, Justin Nelzen, who was a competitive swimmer all his life, didn’t think twice about jumping in the flood waters to save them. Onlookers applauded as one by one the horses were led to safety. Torrential rains caused record flooding with waters rising several feet in a matter of minutes. Though the owners had moved the horses to...

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