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PonyCycle: Let Your Child Ride a Pony in Their Own Backyard

Available here The Ponycycle is perfect for the kid who loves riding horses! It’s designed to give young children the experience of riding a horse without the actual horse. It doesn’t require any battery or electrical power—it operates on static and kinetic mechanical principles. Simply get on and ride! It assembles in just two minutes, and you can use it indoors and outdoors—just make sure you have flat ground. When you get on the pony, press the stirrups to start moving forward, and bounce up and down to “gallup!” Plus, the hooves don’t scratch your floors! Available Here. Watch...

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Extremely Rare Filly Born with Native American Medicine Hat Symbol on Face

Animal births are amazing. There are so many different species, all of whom have different ways of bringing new life into the world.   While the act of giving birth is wonderful in itself, it’s even more magical when the newborn animal has something completely unique.   This filly is one of those animals.   When the horse gave birth to her filly, she was probably relieved to see her child in the world. But the humans at this birth noticed something amazing on the filly’s face—a rare Native American medicine hat pattern. Native Americans believed that horses born...

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