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Little Girls and Horse Dance to Silento’s Hit Song “Watch Me”

You’ve probably seen horses dance before, but you’ve likely never seen them get their groove on to a modern-day hit! These two little girls are dancing to the popular song “Watch Me” by Silento at a local stable. They’re shaking their shoulders and having a good time, and their horse friend decides to get in on the action! The horse starts kicking its legs and shaking its mane, really getting into the beat! Animals and humans connecting through music is truly remarkable—it never gets old! Watch the full hilarious video down below!   Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Bierstick: Down...

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Horse Can’t Help Bugging This News Reporter While the Camera Is Rolling

When we think of playful and affectionate animals, we usually think of dogs and cats and not much else really comes to mind. However, horses can be extremely affectionate and playful as well! When they’re in the hands of the right owners, they love to be cheerful and fun. This is what this news reporter found out when he tried to do his job but the horse wouldn’t let him. Cut after cut, the horse nudges, nibbles and bops against this reporter. Thankfully, the reporter is a good sport. Instead of being afraid of the large animal that’s bugging...

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Thumbelina, The World’s Smallest Horse, Is Giving Back in An Adorable Way

Thumbelina is the world record holder for being the smallest horse in the world. She’s not even 2 feet tall and only weighs 57 pounds.   She was born to two miniature ponies, but she’s even small by pony standards. Born with dwarfism, horses in her position are often sick and have crooked legs. By some miracle, she’s healthy and happy.   Currently, she lives with her human parents at Goose Creek Farms in Missouri. They quickly realized she had a calling in life that only she understood. She was meant to help children. Thumbelina often insists on trotting...

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Horse Thinks Life is "All About That Bass"

“All About That Bass” is a 2014 pop hit that shook things up in the music industry. All about body positivity and empowerment for women, it sure turned a few heads -and so did this horse. Bringing booty back, this chestnut beauty can’t help but dance along to the beat of this catchy song. Her owner dances around and then points to the horse and says “back to you” as he then proceeds to… Well, I’ll let you watch the video. It’s too good to...

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