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Little Girl Admitted to Psych Hospital for Assaulting 3 Year Old Sister, Then They Realize What the Mom Was Doing

Working in a psychiatric hospital can be soul-sucking and fulfilling. You end up seeing what life can do to people, and you also have the chance to help them. This worker was surprised when a sweet little girl was admitted for abusing her three year old sister—it just didn’t seem to add up. Then, she met the girl’s parents. Read the full story below. Comment from discussion Teachers of reddit, what ‘clicked’ about a pupil after meeting their parents?. Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Woman’s Viral Post About Handicapped Spots Will Make You Think Twice About Bad Parking This post...

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Boy Wakes Up in Hospital to Find Doctor Did Unexpected Surgery to His “Best Friend”

Most people don’t like spending time in the hospital. It’s not exactly the “happiest” of places and it’s not fun to be reminded that you’re not well. This can be especially challenging when it comes to children. One little boy understood that fully when he was told that he’d need to undergo surgery. But what was really shocking, was that the doctor had other plans up his sleeve that the little boy and his parents didn’t know about. When the little boy went under at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, nobody expected him to be woken up with a...

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Nurse Thinks Patient Is Giving Away His Property, But His Family Tells Her A Different Story

This funny story comes from the deathbed of Doug Smithberger. It happens when Mr. Smithberger is giving his last wishes to his wife and children.   At first, it seems like Doug is giving away his property for his family to inherit. With so many apartments and buildings being given to them, the nurse is astonished and compliments the hard-working man.   Then, his family tells her a different story.   Read on below:       Haha! I hope this brought a smile to your face. If you cracked a smile, be sure to share it with your...

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Man At Rehabilitation Hospital Dances With His Therapists For Stroke Awareness

When it comes to life, there will be bumps along the road. However, the most important part is to keep a positive outlook on things.   Take John Woloski, for example. At the age of 55, Woloski suffered a massive stroke that landed him in the Allied Services Heinz Rehab Hospital. He would spend a combined 9-week intensive inpatient rehab stay here, which included a few weeks in the Transitional Rehab Unit.   But before being discharged, Woloski wouldn’t leave without leaving his presence. He decided to produce a special video with hospital staff: Trish Lepore, Jenn Evans, Ann...

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