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Retail Clerk Offers Grieving Mother Support and Gives Her an Unexpected Gift

Dealing with a death in the family is hard enough. It’s even harder when the deceased is a baby.   Jacinta Jones was in such an unlucky position. Her baby Sammy died in the womb and Jacinta had to be induced to remove Sammy’s body.   On her way to the hospital, she stopped at a local store to return some unused baby clothes – the only problem was she didn’t have a receipt.   This was a problem at first, but after Jacinta explained her situation, the store was able to make an exception and, to Jacinta’s surprise,...

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Kind Stranger Leaves Note for Woman Who Collapsed on Train

Most of us take public transportation every day and thankfully, we make it from point A to point B without any major incidents. But sometimes, that isn’t the case—and if we’re traveling alone, it could be dangerous.   This young lady knows exactly what that’s like, and her story is an incredible one.   In 2015, a young woman named Ellie Farnfield was taking a London train to teach a fitness class. Without any warning, Ellie had an epileptic seizure and collapsed on the train floor. When she woke up in the hospital, Ellie couldn’t remember how she got...

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Doctors Brought This Man's Wife Back from the Brink of Death

Dawson Willford almost lost his wife and son during childbirth. He was so certain that his wife would die that he completely broke. Miraculously, thanks to the perfectly honed skills of the surgeons and doctors who worked on her, his wife survived and is recuperating well in the hospital. Willford captured the entire emotional saga in a recent Facebook post that completely blew up on the social media platform.   Check out their incredible story below! h/t Dawson Willford /...

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Tattoo Artist Gives Free Temporary Tattoos To Sick Children

Sometimes it’s amazing what the internet can help accomplish and inspire. Benjamin Lloyd is a New Zealander and exceptionally talented tattoo artist. A simple Facebook post and challenge of his started a kind gesture that has quickly gone viral. He said if his post could get 50 likes, he would go to Starship Hospital and give tattoos to all the kids there.   Since the tats are temporary, they are painless and will fade away with time. Lloyd uses an airbrush technique to give the kids incredibly detailed and authentic-looking tattoos to show off to friends and family. The...

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Man Makes Generous Donation On Behalf of Woman Who Bought His Groceries

As Kevin Spacey taught us in 2000, it pays to pay it forward.   In December 2015, Georgia resident Tracy Warshal paid for a man’s groceries. The man had forgotten his wallet and was unable to pay for his $7 worth of fruit. In the spirit of the holiday season, Warshal bought the fruit for him. He thanked her and the two parted ways. Warshal assumed that would be the end of the story.   But it wasn’t.   Soon after, Warshall was informed that someone had made a $10,000 donation to the Piedmont Cancer Institute, the place where...

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