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Investigation Reveals Hotels Don’t Change or Wash Bed Sheets Between Guests

When you spend the night at a hotel, you expect a night of luxury—or at the very least, clean sheets to sleep on.   That’s not what happened to this Reddit user.   This person settled in for the night at a Courtyard Marriott and found this disturbing note in between the sheets:   via Reddit   “If you’re reading this, then housekeeping did not change your sheets!”   But it turns out that’s not the only hotel doing this offensive behavior. The show Inside Edition recently did their own investigation and found that a third of the hotel...

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10 Breathtaking Hotel Views From Around The World

Now and then everyone looks out a window and wonders what life would be like somewhere else. By no means does this suggest you’re not liking where you are now, but who wouldn’t like to hop over to the other side of the world to wake up to a breathtakingly beautiful view? These are some of the most beautiful rooms for rent across the globe. From Switzerland, to St. Lucia, and the seas of Italy, you can have a truly breathtaking view. You could even buy a morning view of elephants outside your window in South Africa. So get...

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