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Hoverbike: Turn Your Hoverboard into a Bike

Click here to Buy The Hoverbike is an attachment that attaches your 6-10″ Hoverboard wheel base to a bike frame. In only a few seconds, it’s a simple way to bring out more fun with your Hoverboard. Whether it’s for children, adults or even the elderly, the Hoverbike is a great alternative mode of transportation for anyone that’s able to mobilize their feet and arms. You can even use the Hoverbike for clever uses such as carrying cargo! Whether it’s bringing a paddle board to the beach or groceries home, it works for all types of situations. The Hoverbike...

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HoverSeat: Ride Your Hoverboard in Comfort and Style

Available here The HoverSeat is the perfect addition to your hoverboard! It’s a fun, safe transportation method that almost anyone can drive. Set-up is simple: the cart is made of lightweight aluminum, and when you’re ready to use it, attach it to the bar in the center of your hoverboard! As long as the center of your hoverboard has a round middle part, you’re good to go. All you have to do is attach your favorite beach chair to it and relax in style! You can navigate your hoverboard using only your feet—you can even go in reverse! Get...

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Taiwanese Youtuber Creates The Nimbus Cloud From Dragon Ball

Finally, a good use for those “hoverboards.” Some of you may disagree, but those “hoverboards” that are all the rage these days should not be called hoverboards. Hoverboards are what Back to the Future promised us. What we have now are segways without handles. And no one ever thought segways were cool. In any case, this Taiwanese Youtuber known as ‘Yes Ranger’ is actually a pretty big deal in Taiwan. Using his “hoverboard” as a base, he beautifully transformed it into the Nimbus Cloud that the main character Goku rides around on from time to time. If you were...

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