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Houston Resident Uses Old Christmas Gift to Save Lives During Hurricane Harvey

Everyone has that one gift they say they’ll use one day, but never do. However, they usually don’t expect to use it for the first time during a natural disaster. Brandi Bandoni Paullo bought her husband Don a canoe for Christmas 10 years ago. He only used it once and always joked about using it “next weekend,” but neither of them expected that next weekend to happen during Hurricane Harvey. Read the full story down below. Nearly 10 years ago, I bought Don Paullo a canoe for Christmas. He talked about fishing with friends and kids. Well,… Posted by...

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Pastor Checks Every Flooded Car After Hurricane Harvey to Make Sure No People Are Trapped Inside

You never know how you’ll react in a disaster. Some people think of others, and some people only think of themselves. Brian K. Robertson II was spotted a man going through all the cars he could find in a flooded street after Hurricane Harvey. He approached him and asked what he was doing, and when he heard the reason, he had to take a picture and share it. Read the full story down below. HELP ME FIND HIM!!! Earlier this morning my nephew Governor Brian K Roberson II took these pictures off 288. The man… Posted by Tera Stidum...

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