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Red Fox Is Excited When It Sees People First Thing In The Morning

Chuckles is a red fox that resided at the Treehouse Wildlife Center in Brighton, Illinois. Unfortunately, she suffers neurological problems and had to be a permanent resident at the center.   That doesn’t mean she wasn’t happy though!   When she is greeted first thing in the morning, Chuckles is so excited, she can’t contain herself. She squirms around and starts to make an exciting sound. It looks like she really wants to be petted!   Thankfully, Chuckles remains in good hands. She has been moved to a new home in Dow Illinois and has a beautiful new enclosure...

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Illinois Teen Saves Starving And Neglected Horse

When it comes to the animal kingdom, there are probably many stories and acts of simple kindness that go untold. While folks the world over surely know amazing stories like that of Christian the Lion from links across the internet, there are many less famous ones that have been turned into movies. Such is the simultaneously heartbreaking and heartwarming story of Kelsey Lodge and her new horse Sunny. Out early one morning on their way to a swap meet, they chanced upon Sunny eating grass by the side of the road. The noticed very quickly that this poor horse...

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