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Janitor Has The Perfect Plan To Stop Teens From Keeping Lipstick On The Bathroom Mirrors

Teenage girls can be quite a pain to deal with sometimes. While some of the blame can be put on changing hormones, the main excuse is that they are trying to impress others.   One poor janitor had to deal with these types of teenage girls. When the “popular” girls in his high school kept leaving lipstick on the bathroom mirrors, he would have to spend extra time out of his day to clean them up.   After he approached the school principal about this issue, the matter only got worse. The girls were leaving double the amount of...

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These Kids Choose to Do Something Nice for Their Janitor

Sometimes the little things you do for people go a long way. Sometimes you don’t even realize how much of an effect the little things you do have on other people.   That was the case with Rocky. Rocky has worked for over 30 years as a school janitor. He is known throughout his school for 3 things: his amazing janitorial skills, his love of the San Francisco 49ers, and his kind heart.   He is a beloved figure at his school because he takes the time to get to know the kids and forge friendships with them.  ...

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