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How The Japanese Fold Their Socks

Japan is famous for many things, and most of them have to do with how different their culture is. While that can be said for any culture on Earth, we seem to have a particular fascination with Japan. Maybe it has to do with World War Two, or their rapid westernization, or the success of their cultural exports overseas. Whatever the case, we seem to have a weird fascination with this Asian island nation. Maybe it has to do with a sense of striving for perfection, or maybe it’s because of origami, because everything just seems so neat and...

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It Looks Like A Drop Of Water, But It's Actually A Cake!

The Japanese are always looking to impress. Whether it’s with their cuisine, their advanced robotics, legendary punctuality, service, and efficiency, they always seem to make the news throughout the year for some well-deserved reason. In today’s instance, it involves a truly surreal desert that feels almost otherworldly. What looks like a preserved drop of water is actually a rice cake dessert called ‘shingen mochi’. It can supposedly disintegrate after just 30 minutes, so don’t take too much time eating it. Delicious, cool, tasty, and refreshing, shingen mochi melts in your mouth. Some claim it’s what consuming a delicate water...

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Japanese Illusionist Performs Mind-Bending Ring Tricks

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully serene and impressive performance of ring art. The rich vibrancy and diversity of the act is compounded by the stunning visuals of coordinating and a deceptively enjoyable soundtrack. The Japanese illusionist Ouka is clearly a master at his craft. Nearly every moment manages to impress the audience, especially the gentle finesse of the rings that no less require great strength and timing in their movement. The changing of the background from green to blue to green again, with periods of appropriate darkness also impresses. In summary, this is a beautifully done illusion piece...

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