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Celine Dion Stuns Jimmy Fallon with Amazing Rihanna Impression

Without a doubt, Celine Dion is one of the greatest singers of our generation. But, as her recent interview on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” shows, she also has an amazing sense of humour. Jimmy decided to play one of his favorite games, Wheel of Musical Impressions. They both nail every impression they do, from Michael Jackson to Cher. But then, Celine had to sing Row Row Row Your Boat like Rihanna. And in order to do that, she had to do a dance that was only appropriate on late night television. Watch the hilarious performance in the...

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Christina Blows Away The Crowd With Her Impression Of Cher On The Tonight Show

Comedian Jimmy Fallon is known for making celebrities partake in a hilarious segment on his Tonight Show called the “Wheel of Musical Impressions”.   The segment is a fun game in which celebrities press a button to be paired with a random singer and random song. Jimmy also partakes in the game and the celebrity and him try to determine who is better at impersonating the random singer they get. The combinations of the “wheel” are more than often pretty wild and almost always has everyone laughing in their seats.   One celebrity that came on Jimmy’s show was...

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Dwayne Johnson Hasn't Eaten Candy in 27 Years!

Dwayne Johnson, the actor/former wrestler who went by the stage name “The Rock”, is well-known for his impressive physique. With it, naturally, comes a very strict diet. Johnson says that he does enjoy the occasional “cheat” day where he eats something that doesn’t comply with his diet.   The one thing that he doesn’t indulge in, however, is candy. It’s not necessarily because it’s bad for him, but because he says he never feels tempted. Believe it or not, the last piece of candy Johnson ate was a Twizzler at a movie theatre in 1989. Of course, knowing that,...

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