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EZ Kayak Launch: Enjoy Kayaking Without Getting Wet

If you love kayaking but hate getting wet, the EZ Kayak Launcher is perfect for you! It’s designed to give you stability and security while you launch your kayak into the lake. It’s made in one piece, and the integrated paddle notches make launching and docking safe and easy—no more tipping over and getting wet! Even as water levels change, you’ll still be secure as you launch or dock. No matter what your experience level is or how cold the water is, the EZ Kayak Launcher helps to remove those barriers. The innovative floating dock design makes the dock...

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WindPaddle Scout Sail: The Kayak Sail for Low-Medium Winds

Available here Do you love kayaking in the great outdoors? The WindPaddle Scout Sail is perfect for you! It’s designed for solo kayakers to sail in low to medium winds. It’s lightweight and forgiving, and it’s made for casual or recreational kayakers! The sail has a soft batten that holds sail shape, but is flexible enough to be folded down for easy storage and travel. It’ll quickly pull you downwind, but it’s easy enough for kids to use. The sail launches and flies from the on-deck position, and it can be set up for instant self-launching—no need to return...

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CreekKooler: The Ultimate Outdoor Floating Cooler

Available here The CreekKooler is perfect for the outdoorsy person in your life! It’s designed to be a floating cooler on water. It holds 30 12 oz cans and 20 lbs of ice! It has four outer drink holders and it has dual wall construction. The foam insulation keeps your drinks cooler for longer! The cooler is also perfect for secure storage, and it has a mini flag holder! Available here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy CreekKoolerAvailable in five colors $149+ Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Fissot: Stop Choosing Between Kayaking and Fishing, Do Both!

Kayaking is fantastic, but sometimes it’s difficult to pick between that and fishing. If only there was a crossover! The Fissot modular fishing kayak is equipped with a motor and steadying wings. That way, you can have the best of both worlds. It’s stable enough that you can stand up on it while you troll for fish. It goes up to 6 mph at top speed, so it’s perfect for a leisurely summer day on the water. You can find more info about it here. Advertisement Watch the demo vide down below:   Where To Buy Fissot 1-Person Folding...

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