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Kentucky Choir Cuts Loose with Energetic Footloose Tribute

Bomont – where dancing is illegal and Kevin Bacon is the coolest kid in town. It may not be anyone’s favorite film, but it’s undeniably a classic. The soundtrack alone is sure to get anyone up on their feet and busting a move in no time.   That’s probably why a recent performance of the titular song by a men’s choir in Kentucky has caught fire on YouTube. Though Kentucky is riddled with small towns similar in appearance to the one in the film, none of them have anti-dancing laws (that we know of). That’s probably why it went...

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'Over The Rainbow' Like You've Never Heard It Before

I know what some of you are thinking and no, it’s not a rap or hip-hop version. In fact, it’s something quite unexpected from four guys who walk, talk, and act like this. Hailing from Kentucky, this close group of friends met as teenage troublemakers and have been together ever since, and are quite supportive of each other. Making themselves one big family, they are auditioning on America’s Got Talent to support the dream of one of their own, and it’s absolutely amazing what they do. ‘A cappella’ is certainly getting some attention these days, and these four Kentucky...

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Fire Tornado Erupts From Massive Bourbon Spill After Lightning Strikes Warehouse

It’s probably safe to assume that many people know all too well the feeling of a ‘rough day’ after having had too much Jim Beam the night before. But what if Jim Beam was the one having a rough day? Here is that very feeling taken to the very next level. After a lightning strike during a storm in Kentucky hit a Jim Beam distillery, we see the emergence of what the reporter rightfully calls a ‘firenado’. Cresting across the lake and up in air, the visuals are stunning if a little scary. One can’t help but marvel at...

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Kentucky Choirs Version Of The Star Spangled Banner Will Give You Goosebumps

The Star Spangled Banner is surely one of the most widely recognized national anthems the world over. It can be in American movies, is heard at the Olympics, and is of course at sporting events. Known to actually be among the harder anthems to sing correctly (due to the higher notes oftentimes out of reach of folks who seek to stay in tune), here we have what is truly an awe-inspiring example of the complex beauty the national anthem can have. Sung in a high-rise hotel across almost 20 floors, the KMEA Choirs from high schools across Kentucky fill...

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