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KeySmart: The Compact, Organized Key Holder

Click here to Buy The KeySmart is perfect for people who have too many keys! It’s designed to organize all your keys in one compact body. It can fit up to eight keys, and it’s designed like a Swiss Army knife to make finding the right key easy! It comes in two models: the Pro and the Classic. The Pro model is hooked up with tile, letting you find your keys if they go missing! It assembles in minutes with no tools required, and it even comes with an expansion pack to fit up to 14 keys! The Pro...

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Woman Forgets Her Keys In Her Car. She Calls Her Husband, Then He Says This

This joke involves a woman who thought she forgot her keys in her car.   When she came out to check if her car was still on the parking lot, she found out it was gone. So like most wives would do in this situation, she called her husband to tell him the unfortunate news.   This was his reply:     Haha! Laughed? I’m sure these moments have happened to you before. Be sure to share with your friends and family!   h/t The Daily...

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