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12 Year Old Girl Saves Little Sister from Would-Be Abductor

A lot of people underestimate the bond between sisters, but after this story, no one will doubt sisterly love again.   Brandie Weiler and her two daughters, Maddie and Mollie, were on their way to Busch Gardens in Virginia when they witnessed a car accident.   While Brandie was calling 911, the man involved in the accident approached the van. Before Brandie could get back to her kids, he had unlocked the door and climbed in.   He tried to drive away with the two young girls in the backseat when Maddie stepped into action   She told FOX2,...

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Woman Is Almost Kidnapped When Finding Free Jewelry On Her Windshield

Sony Nguyen, a woman from Wisconsin, was shopping one day at Macy’s when she became aware that a white SUV had parked right next to her despite the parking lot being empty. Due to her suspicions and instincts, she decided to speed off and leave the parking lot. And that’s when she noticed something rattling on her windshield: a sterling silver ring. via Facebook via Facebook Sony soon realized she narrowly escaped an abduction ploy. Apparently, this ploy is used by human traffickers. They plant an item that appears valuable on someone’s car, parks next to them and waits...

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