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This Popular Food Item Might Be Killing You

Ramen – we eat a lot of it. It’s been estimated that we eat 95 billion servings a year of the stuff. Many students living away from home have enough noodles to build a small fort. Apparently, that’s a lot more than is recommended.   It’s been suggested that instant noodles can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke because they contain TBHQ (tertiary-butyl hydroquinone). TBHQ is a preservative found in processed foods, but it’s also a petroleum byproduct.   On top of that, a study at Harvard found that a diet that regularly contained instant noodles increased...

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Soufflé Pancakes Soothing Video Tutorial

Comfort food is great and typically easy to make. But artfully experimenting with everyday food is rarely a bad thing and can only enhance your overall culinary experience. If you’re looking to add an innovative spin to an old breakfast favorite, look no further. In this video from South Korean YouTuber, Sweet the MI, we are afforded an almost tranquil how-to on making soufflé pancakes. If the sound of the creation hasn’t convinced you of its fluffy goodness, the delectable video will leave you practically orgasmic and itching to try the recipe out for yourself. The video itself is...

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PSY Released A New Music Video, And It's Making Us Question Our Sanity

If you don’t remember who PSY is, let’s refresh your memory. He was the South Korean rapper and performer who broke Youtube by being the first artist to reach over one billion views on a single video. His delightfully strange ear worm ‘Gangnam Style’ absolutely dominated pop culture for months of end. Since then, he’s released several other popular (though not quite as enormously successful) songs and music videos. He has a delightfully weird and strange style, and often creates most of his own lyrics and dance moves which is rare in Korea. This is his latest weird and...

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Korean Girl Beautifully Covers Adele's 'Hello'

You had to have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Adele’s new hit song ‘Hello’ making the rounds on the radio. It’s become an overnight smash hit and there are countless people making their own cover versions. Some are much better than others, as is the case with this Korean girl. She has a great set of pipes. At first she sounds almost exactly like Adele, but also shows a bit of herself in the piece. Her spin on the chorus is quite impressive and angelic. Backed up by what we can only assume are...

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Chinese Inline Skater Has Some Serious Moves

Well, now we know what activity we’re signing up for next summer. Coming to us from the ChunCheon World Slalom Competition in South Korea, is Chen Chen from China, who won first place in the freestyle competition with this performance. Boy did she earn it. To the rhythm of a delightfully odd yet upbeat tune, she proceeds to wow and amaze the audience with her wonderful display. Showing a tremendous amount of skill and grace with her inline skates, it’s no wonder that this performance won her the championship. This is done so well and with such flair, it...

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