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DUO: The Dual Laptop Monitor for Working Everywhere You Go

If you’re always working on-the-go, the DUO laptop monitor is perfect for you! It’s designed to increase your productivity when you’re away from the office. It’s completely sleek and portable, and it can give you up to 50% increased productivity. The design is lightweight—even though it functions as a regular screen, it won’t weigh you down when you’re travelling. Simply place the magnetic adhesives on your laptop, place the DUO on the adhesives, plug the USB into your computer, and slide the screen out. You can slide the screen out on both sides, and you can rotate it back...

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MOBICASE: The Functional Laptop Bag for Working on the Go

Click here to Buy The MOBICASE is perfect for the person who always works on the go! It’s designed to be the perfect working companion with over 20 different features. It has quick-stash charger pockets, adjustable screen height, and a built-in ergonomic laptop stand. You can go to your ideal working location, open your bag, and set up in under 20 seconds! The ergonomic laptop stand is designed to help you improve your posture and avoid back pain. It has easy on-shoulder access, letting you put things in and take things out quickly no matter where you are! Available...

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AirBar: Turn Almost Any Laptop into a Touchscreen

Click here to Buy The AirBar is a simple way to make your laptop much more versatile! It turns your standard laptop screen into a touchscreen. Available for both Windows and Mac computers, you can use your fingers or a stylus to touch your screen. Simply plug in the USB cord and attach the bar at the bottom of your screen with the provided magnets! You can swipe, tap, zoom, pinch, and rotate—any gesture you could ever need! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy AirBarFor PC and MacBook Air $79+ Buy now Comments Facebook...

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