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Girl Refuses To Do Tap Dancing Routine, Makes Up Her Own That Has Viewers Cracking Up

If you’ve ever been to a dance recital before, you’ll vouch for me by saying that the performances are usually professional and elegant with dancers knowing exactly what routine they are performing.   For this little girl in the video, she decided to put a new twist on this dance performance. Instead of following her peer and their tap dancing routines, she decides to go into a more freestyle routine!   Although she took instructions from her instructor, this young little star decided that she wanted to put on her own show. And the funny thing is, the audience...

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Laughing Babies Can't Handle Dad's Games

There’s nothing better than laughing babies. Okay, there is, three laughing babies.   Good parenting is hard to come across. I feel like I see badly behaved children almost everyday, and while it makes me sad I also appreciate good moms and dads even more. This dad is a GREAT dad. The babies wait expectantly on the couch, but what are the waiting for? Watch dad come running into the frame and you’ll see why they can’t contain themselves. This is too...

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