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This Is Truly The Best Way To Fold Your T-Shirts From Now On

You know how every so often in life you have a moment that completely changes you and your understanding of the world? That just happened. A guy calling himself the “Crazy Russian Hacker” has from this day forth changed how I fold my laundry. When he demonstrates how most people fold their laundry, he’s absolutely right; that’s how I used to fold my laundry, and I’d be flipping through my shirts as though I were flipping through a stack of office papers. But one little trick he’s shown us is so simple you’re almost embarrassed you didn’t think of...

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The Incredible Laundry Room That Belongs To A Family Of 8

Laundry rooms in homes are often of a small and compact size. Naturally, for a family of 8, that is simply impossible unless you redesign the whole room with efficiency in mind, as well as forcing strict rules on the kids. Here’s how one family did it. A seven by six and a half foot laundry room was transformed into a sleek, stylish, efficient, and organized space for all possible laundry needs. It’s kind of hard to believe they did all this with a budget of only $400! Hopefully this gives you some inspiration and determination for your own...

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