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Monarch Migration Station: Learn All About Butterflies in a Fun Way

Available here Do you want to learn more about butterflies in their own environment? The Monarch Migration Station is perfect for you! It’s designed to let you learn all about butterflies in the real world. The large design makes it ideal for a personal getaway with nature, or it can be an immersive learning experience into the world of a butterfly! The greenhouse roof can also be a cold frame for protecting your plants in the early and late season. It comes with a seed mat that includes milkweed, the only plant monarchs will lay eggs on. This ensures...

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Oregon Scientific Starry Smart Globe: Explore the World in a New Way

Available here Do you want to learn more about the world in an interactive way? The Oregon Scientific Starry Smart Globe is perfect for you! It’s designed to combine the wonders of the world and constellations in a way that keeps people of all ages engaged. In the daytime, you can explore the world map through continents, countries, oceans, lakes, and cities. At nighttime, use the on and off button to light up the LED constellations, enjoying the wonders of the night sky. In total, it has 88 constellations with 3D images. It also has a corresponding smartphone and...

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