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30 Funny Parents Who Win At Parenting

These parents have nailed down formidable techniques of parenting. From trolling their children to make a point, or using technology against them, these parents win at parenting. #1. This father teaching his girls a valuable lesson. via imgur #2. This will make sure you never miss curfew again. via imgur #3. Or this dad who made his daughter wear this lovely t-shirt to school for a week for breaking curfew. via imgur #4. His son wanted “cold hard cash” for his birthday. via imgur #5. This mother teaching her children the value of hard work. via raja9099.tumblr.com #6. There...

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They Put A 7 y/o With A 64 y/o To Talk About Aging. Had Me Crying.

Sometimes the best things come from the strangest of places. The people over at ‘Facts’ sat down two Irish people. One was a seven year old boy named Sean, and the other was a 64 year old man named Desmond. A 57 year age difference leads to some different and adorable perspectives. The questions range from cute and inquisitive, to deep and depressing. Young Sean has a lot of great and adorably funny ideas about growing old and doing things, including being remarkably mature about having future children of his own. Desmond may as well be the typical old...

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McDonald's Employee Helps Feed Quadriplegic Man

When we think of McDonald’s, the first thing our mind goes to is probably the food. Now when you think of McDonald’s, maybe you should remember that it only takes one person’s kindness to change the world. Do I sound crazy? I won’t after you read this story.   Destiny Carreno shared her experience on Facebook about an employee who went above and beyond the call of duty. We want to help shine light on the good deeds in the world, and this sure is one of them.  Posted by Destiny Carreno on Wednesday, September 23, 2015 Seeing this today...

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Father Has Enlightening Conversation With Baby, Leaves Him Awestruck

Anytime you’re out and about with a group of friends, it’s not uncommon you find one amongst you becomes rather transfixed about speaking on a particular topic or passion. Whether it’s sports, music, politics, art, movies, or something else entirely, there is often that one person that leaves everyone enraptured with the sheer love of what they have got going on inside their head. Here we have a young man chatting away with his new baby buddy about the evolution of ‘software’ and being transcendent while trapped in a meat suit. Recognizing that this is either the most interesting...

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These British Women Have Some Simple Yet Excellent Advice

Life moves fast. We know it, we live it. So often, we love it! Yet these days, it certainly seems that the adage of ‘few died ever wishing they spent more time at the office’ has more currency in the modern world than ever. While technology has made our lives faster and in many ways more convenient, it appears that many are still feeling an intense social pressure. In this spirit, Britain’s Sanctuary Spa produced this video that is both advice and deep lament. They bring light to the stories of a number of British women who look back...

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