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GravityLight: The Self-Powered Portable LED Lamp

Available here The GravityLight is perfect for lighting remote locations! It’s a self-powered light designed to create clean energy. A pack includes two LED lights with a brightness of up to 15 lumens. Simply hang the GravityLight and fill the bag with up to 26 lbs of weight. Pull on the cord to create 20 minutes of light as the bag descends! You can connect multiple lamps for more light! It also requires no batteries or charging! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy GravityLight $69.99+ Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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Switchmate: The Smart Light Switch That Listens to You

Click here to Buy The Switchmate smart light switch is perfect for the person who’s always connected! It’s designed to transform your regular light switches into smart light switches. Simply snap the switch on, sync it to the corresponding smartphone app, and start using it—that’s it! It instantly snaps over your existing light switches—it installs in one second without any tools! Control your lights through the smartphone app—never return to a dark home again! The lights even work when you’re away from your home! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy Switchmate Snap-On Instant...

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These Friendship Lamps Sync and Light Up, No Matter Where the Other Lamp Is!

It’s hard when a loved one is far away from you, especially around the holidays. Maintaining a long-distance relationship requires a lot of effort on its own, but when you add time differences and other commitments, it can be almost impossible. The Long Distance Touch Lamps are here to make the separation a little bit easier. Simply touch one lamp and the other lights up, whether it’s down the street or across the world. Each person sets their lamp up via wifi, and that’s it—you’re instantly connected to your loved one, no matter how far away you are. Where...

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Solatube: Use Natural Light to Brighten Your Home

The Solatube is perfect for people who want to cut down on their energy use. It’s designed to brighten your home using all natural lighting! The daylighting systems are engineered to efficiently capture the sun and bring it into your home. Because you’re lighting your home during the day using free sunlight, you save money on electricity! The lighting systems are quick to install—most of them install in just a few hours! For more information on the lighting systems, check out the company’s website here. Watch the demo down below!   Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Strange Rat Washes Itself...

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Luminoodle RGB, LED, USB Backlight – Give Your TV an Ambient Backlight

Click here to Buy The Luminoodle is an RGB, USB, LED backlight strip for your TV to give it that ambient, luxurious, feel. With 250 lumens of light, 15 color options, 10 brightness settings, 3 white modes and 3 fade or strobe modes, it creates a beautiful viewing experience. It’s super easy to install. First, wipe the dust off the back surface of your TV. Then, peel the adhesive backing off the Luminoodle to prepare to attach it. Finally, press firmly down on it to attach it to the TV. Once it’s on, use the in-line controller or the...

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