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Bell and Howell Disk Lights: The Durable Outdoor LED Lights

If you need more lighting in your backyard, the Bell and Howell Disk Lights are perfect for you! They’re designed to be a durable, solar-powered lighting solution for your home. They install easily with no wiring—press them flat into the ground or on whatever surface you need them and you’re done! The disks give you ten full hours of light every night. They charge during the day, and they’re ready for use when the sun goes down. The disks have an automatic daytime shutoff, and they’re made from stainless-steel with a water-tight seal. They’re even lawnmower-safe—don’t worry about cutting...

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Olens LampChamp: Turn Any Lamp into a USB Charging Station

Click here to Buy The Olens LampChamp is perfect for the family who is always running out of power outlets! It’s designed to turn your lamps into USB charging stations. The 2 amp USB charger stays on at all times, and the on/off switch controls the lightbulb. Installation is a breeze—remove your existing lightbulb, screw in the LampChamp, then replace the bulb. It can charge phones, tablets, ereaders, security cameras, and more! Perfect for your home or for on the go! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy Olens LampChamp $9.99 Buy now Comments...

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Night Runner Shoe Lights: Run Safely in the Dead of Night

The Night Runner shoe lights light up your running path from dusk to dawn! The lights are durable and water-resistant, allowing you to use them no matter how bad the weather! The Night Runners also have taillights, letting drivers and other pedestrians know exactly where you’re going. Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Where To Buy Night Runner Shoe Lights Color: Black $54.95 Buy now Night Runner Shoe Lights Limited Edition – Neon Green $54.95 Buy now Comments Facebook Twitter...

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