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Police and Activists Rally Around A Lion In Need of Rescue to Save It’s Life

Sadly, for many years there has been an inhumane practice of keeping animals in cages to be used for entertainment.   Circuses and roadside attractions have slowly been shut down by animal conservation officers, but sometimes things slip through the cracks.   In Peru, Mufasa the mountain lion was trapped. The government had outlawed animal circuses, but they are having trouble enforcing it.   Animal Defenders International stepped in to help Mufasa.   The rescue was so dramatic that the riot police had to get involved in the tense situation. They took him to a custom enclosure in the...

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Lion Plays Soccer with Zookeeper in This Adorable Video

Whether it’s a pet cat at home or a giant lion in the zoo, animals seem to have a lot of common behaviors.   As this video shows, one of these things is playing with toy balls!   A zookeeper at a South African zoo noticed one of the lions, Triton, looked a little bored. So she threw him a soccer ball.   I’m not quite sure what she expected Triton to do with the ball, but she was completely surprised to see him playing around with the ball like he was Cristiano Ronaldo!   Triton looks like he’s...

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After Three Long Days, This Lion Pack Is Reunited

Being away from the people you love can be really tough. Knowing you can’t just go to your mom’s house for dinner or see a movie with your best friend is really frustrating and super heartbreaking.   But at least we have phone calls, Facebook, text, Skype, WhatsApp, and FaceTime to keep in touch with your friends and family, no matter where you are.   With the animal kingdom, it’s a little more tricky. For the most part, if you’re away from your pack, you’re screwed.   No one knows that better than this lioness. When she was separated...

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Brave Tiny Jack Russel Defends Himself Against Lionesses Circling Him

“Pick on somebody your own size!” is what I imagine this tiny little Jack Russel is saying as he barks at these lionesses to back away from him.   Now, when I think of videos of predators circling a small prey like our little terrier here, it isn’t always pretty.   Fortunate for us, this video isn’t like that. This little pup actually goes up against those predators and even turns the tables around; the predators seem scared of him!   You can see that as the pup barks at a lioness she jumps back shockingly as if the...

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