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Lioness Is About To Go In For The Kill, But She Has A Change Of Heart

The wild and vast Serengeti of Tanzania and Kenya is a tourist’s paradise of flora and fauna. The majority of Africa’s most famous animals can be found in this beautiful area. But what may be paradise to some is nothing more than a dangerous home for the animals that live within it. Predators are a constant worry. In the middle of the mass migration season, a lioness has managed to plant herself right in the middle of thousands of newborn calves. She is about to go in for a kill against a newborn that is literally only a few...

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Silly Lion Has a Ball With His Favorite Toy Donut

Lions are known for their ferocity. They aren’t exactly known for being silly or goofy. Well, this one is. Cameron is a lion whose favorite toy is a large yellow donut. Unfortunately, Cameron tore a whole in it, so it had to be retired. For a while, Cameron was left without a toy to play with. A little over a month later, the zoo keepers replaced his favorite foamy toy and Cameron was ecstatic. Below is a highlight reel of Cameron’s adventures with his friend the yellow donut. It’s sure to put a smile on your...

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A Boy Turns His Back on a Lion… Never Turn Your Back on a Lion.

From the time we arrive on the planet and, blinking, step into the sun, there’s more too see than can ever be seen – more to do than can ever be done.   High on that list is to visit a zoo. Zoos have all sorts of fun animals like lions and tigers and bears. Oh my! What could be so bad about a big ol’ jungle cat? Well, sometimes they try to attack you.   Watch below as a lion at a Japanese zoo gets into a staring contest with a little boy. As the boy gawks at...

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Want To Know If Tigers Like Catnip?

Finally, science is asking the real questions in life. Not where we come from, or how the universe works, but rather if tigers like catnip as much as our mini tigers known as house cats do. Turns out the answer is “yes,” but there is a bit more to it than that. They ran this funny and adorable experiment not just on tigers, but on other big cats as well. The fine folks over at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida routinely get this question from curious guests and visitors to their facility. Becoming curious themselves, they decided to...

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Up Close And Personal With Lion Whisperer Kevin Richardson

If you haven’t heard of Kevin Richardson by now, you’re either new to the internet or have a very intermittent internet connection. He became famous years ago when videos of him casually hanging out and swimming with lions surfaced on the internet. It goes without saying that people love to see stuff like that. Now, you can get up close and personal in glorious high definition and slow motion as Kevin gives us a detailed history and insight into the world of lions and hyenas. He’s also using his newfound fame and influence to help protection and conservation efforts...

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