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6 Great All-Natural Ways To Get A Healthier Garden This Summer

A very big shout-out to my mom and garden enthusiasts everywhere for helping to create this list that will help take your garden to new healthy heights. Some may be a little surprising, and others may appear obvious. But hey, not all of us were born with green thumbs (especially not me). But sometimes it’s just the simplest and littlest of things that can end up having an extremely positive effect on your garden and its glory. Granted, it always varies due to climate and geography. Some tips won’t help you if you live in Phoenix for example. But...

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These Are 16 Regrets Dying People Said They Had About Life

People will always tell you not to live with regrets but try as we might, everyone has a few. They vary from person to person and culture to culture, but it’s almost shocking how many similar regrets so many people can have. In fact, they often revolve around not taking certain opportunities when they present themselves.   So instead of letting opportunities fly by the wayside, instead listen to some of these confessions from people who were reaching the end of their natural lives. They offer wisdom tinged with sadness, and we hope it will inspire you to take...

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Seven Clever Solutions to One Common Problem

It’s almost summertime, meaning the ants are marching toward our houses, apartments, and picnic tables as we speak. If you’re sick of dealing with these awful arthropods, then simply follow these steps to snuff them for good. 1. Place a tupperware or disposable container under picnic table legs and fill with water to make an effective moat. 2. Rinse out your cans and bottles to wash away any lingering sweetness and keep ants out of your trash. 3. Make a solution of sugar, borax, and water and wait for ants to take bits of the bait back to their...

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15 Kids With the Wittiest Test Answers

Some kids take longer to learn than others, and some kids are naturally gifted. Some kids also manage to provide the world with some of the wittiest and funniest test answers ever, whether they realize it or not. Here are fifteen kids who had some wonderfully creative answers to questions. #1. Technically, He’s Being Accurate via imgur   #2. This Kid Already Has A Good Mantra About Life via upvoteHero   #3. Five Years Old And Already So Wise via Rcrowley32   #4. I Wouldn’t Want To Be On An Island With This Kid… via ChrisGable   #5. So...

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People Switching Weapons In Movies With Selfie Sticks Is Hilarious

Replacing guns with something else in movies has had a dubious history ever since they changed the guns in E.T. to walkie-talkies. And while it’s true that such changes can spark interesting and serious conversations about our culture and society, it’s also really funny to see what people with Photoshop come up with. A while ago it was quite popular to switch guns with a thumbs up, and many a hearty laugh was had across the internet. After all, it made some of the biggest badasses in cinematic history look like really supportive and encouraging people. Now, the latest...

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