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Olens LampChamp: Turn Any Lamp into a USB Charging Station

Click here to Buy The Olens LampChamp is perfect for the family who is always running out of power outlets! It’s designed to turn your lamps into USB charging stations. The 2 amp USB charger stays on at all times, and the on/off switch controls the lightbulb. Installation is a breeze—remove your existing lightbulb, screw in the LampChamp, then replace the bulb. It can charge phones, tablets, ereaders, security cameras, and more! Perfect for your home or for on the go! Available Here Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy Olens LampChamp $9.99 Buy now Comments...

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CouchCoaster: The Drink Holder You Didn’t Know You Needed

Click here to Buy The CouchCoaster is the ultimate furniture accessory! It’s a one-size-fits-all coaster that securely holds your drinks on the arm of your chair or sofa. The secure design ensures your drinks don’t spill over the side, and it keeps your drink right in your reach. It’s made of BPA-free silicone and a tacky base, making sure it stays in place while looking great on your furniture! There’s even a slot for mug handles right on the side! Available Here. Watch the demo down below!   Advertisement Where To Buy CouchCoasterAvailable in five colors $25 Buy now...

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CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Chair: Convert into a Full-Sized Bed Instantly

Click here to Buy The CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Chair can quickly and easily convert from a typical bean bag chair to a comfortable full-sized bed! Simply unzip the cover and shake out the bed—that’s it! And to turn it back into a chair, fold the bed diagonally, rotate it, and bounce it back into the cover. The bed sleeps two adults or two kids, and is made with furniture-grade foam for a cozy night’s sleep! Perfect for the social butterfly who always has people over! Available Here. Watch the demo below: Advertisement Where To Buy CordaRoy’s Bean Bag Chair...

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