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Dianceht: The Realistic-Looking Prosthetics for Every Day Life

If you’re missing limbs or extremities, you know how hard it is to live daily life without those body parts. Apart from people staring at you, you also have a hard time doing basic tasks. But Dianceht prosthetics is here to change all that. They specialize in making high-quality, realistic prosthetic limbs. They’re plastic sculptures that are designed to simulate the missing parts of the body. They cover up the missing part seamlessly, and they aesthetically resemble the body. Because of this, it’s easier for the amputee to re-integrate into their home and work life. There are several ways...

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Blumo Design Beds: Elegantly Save Space in Your Bedroom

Blumo Design Beds are perfect for the person who has no space in their bedroom! They’re multi-functional beds designed to make the most out of your space. The bed is electronically operated, letting you fold and unfold the bed quickly and easily. When the bed is folded, it isn’t exposed to dust during the day—perfect for someone with allergies! Because the bed isn’t in the way, it’s easier to keep the room clean—you have access to the entire floor. Most models come with a mirror or audio-visual setup for when the bed is folded. Contact the company here. Watch...

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Living with Jack: “Hide” Your Dining Room Set in the Wall for More Storage

The Snap Jack dining room sets are perfect for people who don’t have enough room in their homes! They install directly in the wall, creating more space in your dining room instantly. You can purchase a full set, or the chairs and table individually—there’s an option for every need! Made with sustainable birch ply from New Zealand, it comes in a natural wood finish or with a beautiful print. The chairs are secured using precision magnets, keeping your chairs in the position you want them in. Both lightweight and strong, the table only has a 27mm thickness when attached...

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Spaceman Beds: Hide Your Bed Out of Sight to Save Precious Space

Have you ever found yourself having not enough space in your room? Maybe it’s because you have a lot of things in your room. Or maybe, the room is just too small. Whatever the case may be, you can save space in a really cool way with these Hidden beds by Spaceman! The hidden beds are wall beds designed to combine with other functions such as shelves, sofas, TVs and desks to maximize the use of space by completely hiding your bed when it’s not in use. The hidden beds come in a variety of designs, some of them...

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