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After 6 Long Months, Cows Are Ecstatic After Being Released From Their Stables

Winter is a very cold and windy season. Just like us, who prefer to stay inside at all times during the season, these Friesian cows had to stay inside their stables for the six long months in the Netherlands.   Luckily, the day has come for them to go outside and enjoy the new fresh air. However, they aren’t alone. A group of locals has accompanied them to cheer for them on this fantastic day.   As they slowly get the chance to exit the stables, one by one, they finally get a glimpse of the fresh green grass...

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Local Police Adopt Pit Bulls To Train And Become Official Police Canine

Pit Bulls are one type of dog breed that are assumed to be dangerous and mean.   Although there are many stories involving Pit Bulls being sweet, loyal and loving, this assumption still exists.   Because of this, the Animal Farm Foundation collaborated with Universal K9 to provide pit bulls from animal shelters, to train and become official police canines!   This will show that pit bulls can be loyal and respected like any other canine and since K9 units are usually very expensive, this would help local police departments obtain a cheaper K9 unit. And the program has...

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