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Dreambaby Locks and Latches: Baby-Proof Your Home with Style

Are you worried about your kids getting their hands on dangerous things around your home? The Dreambaby locks and latches are perfect for you! They’re designed to keep your kids away from things they shouldn’t have their hands on. The stove and oven knob covers stop your kids from turning your stove knobs on and off. They attach easily, and the covers are heat-proof. Want to cook? Simply push in the release button and open the cover. The adhesive Mag Locks stick to the inside of opening furniture, such as cabinet doors and drawers. To open the doors, place...

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Nutlock: Protect Your Bike’s Wheels from Theft

The Nutlock is perfect for the cyclist in your life! It’s designed to lock your front and back wheels, keeping them safe from thieves. It’s custom engineered to protect your wheels from the most common tools: wrenches, vise grips, pliers, and bolt cutters! Install the Nutlock just once in one minute! There’s no universal key for your Nutlock, ensuring it’s safe even from other Nutlock owners. It’s made from heat-treated stainless steel, keeping the Nutlock system lightweight and easy to carry around. Lose your key? No problem! The company stores your serial number and can recreate it easily. Available...

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How To Crack A Master Combo Lock In Less Than 8 Tries

High school kids and kleptomaniacs rejoice! High school kids and parents wallow in despair. There are plenty of people on the internet who are doing a mix of civic duty and spreading too much information. There are plenty of videos out there showing people breaking into secure locks with ease. In the majority of those cases, it is a demonstration of what brand of lock NOT to buy due to its lacking security. Some are just to help you get back into a lock that you own but have forgotten the combination for, or have lost the key. Speaking...

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