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Couple Spends Nearly $2,000 To Cook A BBQ For Louisiana Flood Victims

Flood waters have ravaged vast swaths of Louisiana, and the resulting damage and crisis is not unlike the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Thousands have been forced from their homes as the floodwater rose and improvised shelters are popping up across the state.   But one couple in Baton Rouge is doing their part to help keep people’s spirits up.   Christian and Amanda Dornhorst took two days and $1,840 of their own money and began cooking up a storm. After buying all the necessary supplies and a literal mountain of meat, they hitched a smoker to their truck and...

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Men in Boat Pull Off Daring Rescue in Baton Rouge Flood

This is the definition of a “right place, right time, right circumstances” rescue.   Recently, Baton Rouge, Louisiana was hit with a massive flood that, as the video below shows, consumed almost anything in its path. Among the debris swept up by the high waters was a red convertible. Inside were an old woman and her small pet dog. If not for the bright color of the vehicle, these men might not have even noticed that anyone was in trouble. On top of that, she was about 30 seconds from being fully submerged and a rescue would have been...

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