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Teenage Girl Learns Important Lesson About Beauty From a Stranger

As humans, we have a sad tendency. We often put ourselves and each other down because of the way we look, when we ought to be focusing on what’s inside. Learning to love yourself can be a tough lesson. This was no different for Crystal Hodges, a young teenage girl with a unique birthmark on her face.   She explains that people usually make fun of her, but this time at the post office something was different. Read her story below and follow her on...

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This Dad Teaches His Children the Meaning of Acceptance and Love

In a world where hate crimes are common and fear is rampant, it’s hard to teach our kids the value of love and respect. But during a regular family dinner, this dad shows his kids what it really means to love your neighbor and accept others for their differences.   Listen to the woman who was the subject of dad’s lesson: "I'm at a (I'm Muslim) restaurant eating and there's a dad sitting with his two girls. I overhear their conversation…. Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, 5 November...

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This Former Police Officer Battling Cancer Got a Police Escort When He Went Home for Hospice Care

People who serve in law enforcement dedicate their lives to making sure we stay safe. And when it’s their time to go, we need to treat them with dignity and respect.   This former police officer worked with the Coon Rapids Police Department for 26 years before retiring in 2000. After a battle with cancer, he decided to return home for his final days. But the police department he served faithfully for many years did not forget its brother in arms. 26 Years Of Service "My dad worked for Coon Rapids Police Department for 26 years and retired 16...

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This Heartbreaking Letter Shows the Value of Foster Parenting

Being a parent is hard work. Guiding your child into the right direction is filled with ups and downs, and at a certain point, it’s completely out of your hands. But imaging if you meet your child for the first time after awful things have happened to them, and you have to teach them everything they need to know? That’s what it’s like raising a foster child.   Allison Nicole is a foster parent to a teenage girl, M, and her son, Bubbles. In her letter, she describes how hard it is to raise a child who’s been beaten...

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This Homeless Veteran Shined Car Salesmen's Shoes—and Ended Up with a Job

Whenever life beats you up, the best thing you can do is get back up and work your way to where you need to be.   Nobody knows this better than a homeless veteran who started out shining shoes and ended with a job at a car dealership. He walked into the pristine dealership looking to make spare change by shining shoes, but the general manager had other ideas for him. "We had a homeless veteran come into the dealership today asking to shine salesman's shoes. He only charged $5 for a… Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, 10...

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