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Mom's Note To Ex's New Girlfriend Teaches Others To Love And Not Hate

It’s without a doubt, the stereotype with the mean stepmoms, are there for a reason. Many stepmoms find it frustrating to have to take care of another woman’s child and as a result, refuse to take care of them.   But, this was a different case.   Audrey Nicole is a loving mom of a young daughter. When her daughter isn’t spending time with her, she’s spending time with her father and his new girlfriend. Despite knowing that another woman is taking care of her daughter, Nicole appreciates her kind and caring actions towards her daughter and is grateful...

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4-Year-Old With Special Needs Creates Loving Bond With Young Horse

It’s not often that you see something magical like this happen.   A young boy named Erez, suffers from a rare disease called William’s syndrome. Like many other kids with special needs, these diseases can prove to make it a difficult time to make contact with others and create bonds.   However, this wasn’t the case when Erez met this young horse. Check out the touching video below and watch the magic unravel for...

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Superglue Toilet Seat Prank Has 4-Year-Old Girl Coming Out In Tears

4-year-old girl, Kaya Langmead from Devon, England was visiting the local McDonalds with her mother, before she unwillingly became the victim of this cruel toilet seat prank.   Nicole, Kaya’s mother, let Kaya go to the bathroom alone after she wanted to use the bathroom, “like a big girl.” Shortly afterwards, Kaya came back to her mother in tears, telling her mother she had become stuck to the seat. She also added that she had seen two girls coming out of the bathroom laughing. Police said the girls responsible for this prank were aged 16-18, one has long blonde...

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Dad Reaches Out To Public For Awareness And Empathy To Autistic Son

This dad’s post on his autistic son’s experience at school will absolutely melt your heart.   When Bob Cornelius, father of Christopher, finds out that his son had filled out on a school activity that he had no friends, he reached out to Facebook for awareness and empathy to kids with autism. He recalls of the viral photo of a Florida state football player that sat down with an autistic boy at lunch, who was alone.   The after effect of that photo, resulted in the autistic boy gaining a bunch of new friends he other wise wouldn’t have...

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