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Adorable Elephant Falls Asleep To A Lullaby

Faamai may be a big elephant, but she’s an even bigger baby. No matter what, she always falls asleep after hearing a lullaby from Lek, one of the handlers at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand. It doesn’t seem quite as effective on the other elephants, which really just proves the running theory that she’s a big baby. Lullabies are great, but they sort of stop being effective after a certain age. Maybe Faamai is actually a baby that’s growing up? Elephants are big creatures, and they are one of the heaviest newborns in the animal kingdom....

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Proof That Lullabies Work, And This Is A Beautiful Example!

Babies are cute right up until the moment they decide to become a smelly and snotty vortex of crying and wailing. Sure, little Jeffrey has an adorable onesie and enjoys everything in life, but when he’s waking you up at three in the morning for any number of reasons he suddenly becomes a lot less cute. This is why lullabies and other techniques are important for a parent to master. The Bearded Piano Guy has been going through these issues with his baby. Poor thing was being kept up by a troublesome ear ache, so he decided to play...

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