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Woman Decides To Join Elderly Lady For Lunch After Hearing Her Say “Table For One”

It’s that time of the day – lunch time. Lunch is the perfect time for you to grab a meal with your friends/co-workers and enjoy a nice conversation at the table.   Unfortunately, for some elderly people, they don’t have people to keep the company during this lunch time.   That was the case for Delores, an elderly woman from Louise, Texas.   When Delores asked the waitress for a “table for one”, Brooke Ochoa, a woman also entering the restaurant, couldn’t stand to see that happening. So, she walked up to Delores and the following unfolded: Today I...

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Child Packs a Second Lunch to Feed Hungry Classmate

Josette Duran is a mother who lives an active lifestyle. Between selling body wraps and coaching a girls volleyball team, she’s busy raising her son Dylan. At the start of the school year, Dylan began asking his mother to pack him two lunches. It’s hard enough typically to get a child to eat everything in a single lunch. Duran was surprised, but obliged his request.   Josette Duran/Facebook Dylan continued to ask for two lunches, day after day. Eventually, his mother was too curious not to ask about it. At first she worried that he wasn’t getting enough to...

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