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GoodHangups: Hang Any Poster Without Damaging Your Walls

Available here Perfect for those who want to hang up their posters without damaging their walls, this gadget will be your go to the next time you decide to do so. GoodHangups is the company behind their damage-free magnetic poster hangers that stick to walls without damaging the paint or creating holes. The reusable magnet-receptive stickers peel and re-stick to instantly transform any surface. Without leaving any residue, the Goodhangups are able to preserve your photos and posters avoiding any thumbtack or sticky tack damage. The quick and adjustable placement means no more hassling with frame sizes and costly...

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Zubits: The Magnetic Lacing Solution for All Ages

Click here to Buy Zubits are perfect for the person who hates tying their shoes! It’s a magnetic lacing system that works with any standard lace-up shoes. The magnetic array technology is strong enough for any athletic activity, like running or jumping. It comes in three sizes: size one is for ages 5-7, elderly people, and light walking; size two is for ages 8-adult; and size three is for recreational sports, and people over 190 lbs. Click the magnets together to seal your shoes, then step on your heels and slide your foot out of your shoe—that’s it! They...

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