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Hidden Camera Catches Mailman Playing with Dogs on His Route

It’s a simple fact of life: dogs are too pure for this world, and deserve all the love they can get. Aaron Hernandez has five dogs at his home, and like any pet parent, he feels bad about leaving them alone all day long when he goes to work. But thankfully, the mailman has his back. Aaron posted a sweet video on Twitter showing the mailman making sure to pet and play with each dog on his daily route. Now Aaron can rest easy knowing his doggos are loved even when he’s not there! Watch the full video down...

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USPS Driver Stops Delivering Mail to Salute Flag-Raising

So many people have made sacrifices for their country, and from time to time, it’s important for us to remember what they gave up for our freedom.   It’s something nobody should forget—least of all a retired U.S. Army veteran.   When this man saw his USPS driver stop to salute the flag, he knew he had to capture the moment.   But he didn’t realize exactly why the driver felt the need to stop.   Here’s the man’s compelling story on patriotism and respecting sacrifice: This afternoon I was coming up my street and I noticed a stopped...

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Mailman Is Ambushed By A Gang Of Turkeys Every Day. How He Deals With It Is Hilarious.

Every job has its ups and downs. Maybe you have a great job, but the commute is incredibly long. Maybe it’s a short commute, but there’s a coworker or two you simply can’t stand. Maybe you get free food, but the customers are often angry or crazy. Or, maybe you’re a mailman who gets lots of exercise and benefits, but has to face a roving gang of violent turkeys every day. If that last one feels a little specific, that’s because this poor Falmouth mailman has to deal with that every. Single. Day. We’re hoping the postal service is...

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