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Makeup App Lets You Try On Makeup Without Touching Your Face

Our world – troubled as it may often appear – is constantly making advances in technology. The quest for innovation and the next technological edge is a tale as old as time, but rarely at such a staggering pace. Some can be argued to be more “useful” than others, but it’s all about the target audience.   With that in mind, whether you will use this app or not, it should be appreciated for what it’s capable of, and it should be noted that Sephora is poised to be the first to use it online. The possibilities of this...

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This Girl's Makeup Tutorial Will Have You Seeing Double. Literally.

We all know someone who can deliver a well-applied makeup that is so outstanding, they may as well be the da Vinci of makeup. It’s safe to say that the lady here has gone to great and impressive lengths to deliver a stylish and unique aesthetic for those keen on a quirky and distinct makeup that will have people seeing double. Literally. Delivering an optical illusion with the creation of two sets of lips and eyes, this is one of those looks for those keen to really add to their costume on Halloween and frighten some unsuspecting people. Or...

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