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Father Pens Emotional Letter To Ariana Grande After Manchester Attack

The world is still reeling from the Manchester bombing, but have we stopped to think about the impact on the person at the centre of the event? Ariana Grande has been shaken by the attack. So a dad of three teenaged girls wrote her a letter. Patrick Millsaps’s heartfelt plea to the young pop star. An open letter to @ArianaGrande #ManchesterBombing #ManchesterStrong #arianastaystrong #ArianaGrandeConcert #love #hope #peace #song pic.twitter.com/Sx7IPj3UIe — Patrick Millsaps (@PatrickMillsaps) May 24, 2017 Comments Facebook Twitter Pinterest Strange Rat Washes Itself Like a Human in the Sink—Watch the Bizarre Video Here Rats do some strange things,...

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Social Media Reunited Two Friends Who Got Lost At The Ariana Grande Concert

Vicky Bates is from the area of England in between Manchester and Liverpool, called St. Helens. Her friend, Heather, was visiting from Scotland so they could go see the Ariana Grande concert. Heather went alone, Vicky stayed at home. Then the bomb exploded. My friend Heather was at the Ariana concertShe’s wearing a yellow hoodie and I cant get hold of herIf anyones seen her please let me know pic.twitter.com/e9gvaMNegq — Vicky Bates // (@RileyBlackery) May 22, 2017 After learning of the attack, she realized that Heather wasn’t answering her phone. She feared the worst. She put a desperate...

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Taxi Drivers in Manchester Offer Free Rides To Help Victims Escape

During the Manchester Arena bombing, everyone was in panic. The crisis reached its peak just as this man, AJ, and others drove up to the stadium. He had a sign taped to the back of his taxi, which read: “Free Taxi”. Many taxi drivers around the city decided to turn off their meters and help the victims. Men like AJ. Working his taxi free of charge through the night in Manchester. A beautiful soul. pic.twitter.com/0QG9Z2bxY9 — Jason Michael (@Jeggit) May 23, 2017 He told Channel 4 News that he had helped reunite loved ones, taken people to the hospital...

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Homeless Man Bravely Helps Victims During Manchester Terror Attack

A pop concert should be a safe place for families and children, but the explosion that shook the Ariana Grande show in Manchester is giving us all pause. At least 22 people lost their lives during the suicide bombing. Yet, one glimmer of light appeared in the form of a homeless man named Steve. He told a powerful story of he actions immediately after the bombing and what he did to save lives. ‘We had to pull nails out of children’s faces’: Steve, a homeless man who was sleeping near #Manchester Arena, rushed to help young victims pic.twitter.com/dyxzZpal0Q —...

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