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Woman's Life Changed Forever After Devastating Fire

Turia Pitt had a good life. She had a loving boyfriend, was a successful mining engineer and a marathon runner. Everything was going great for her, and it looked like she would be one of the people on top of the world.   That is, until an accident changed her life forever.   Pitt was set to run the Kimberly Ultramarathon in Western Australia in 2011. The course was grueling, taking her through the desert outback. As she ran, she noticed a bushfire. In that region of Australia, bushfires are a fairly common occurrence and not something to be...

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Kenyan Athlete Shows Us The True Meaning Of Sportsmanship

The competitive spirit. To have that spirit means you love to battle, to contend, to hold out as long as you can against another even when it hurts and is painful. Yet now and then there is something more that we see, and it’s so well typified in athletes and in this video: the spirit of sportsmanship. The awareness of others around you, of their own struggles and difficulties — and the recognition now and then that ‘it’s only sports’ — then you realize it’s the victories you have in life that matter most. Here’s a video that shows...

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