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This Man Paid for a Vietnam Veteran’s Dinner, Then the Vet Gave Him His Insignia Pin

We see far too many stories where veterans are not treated with the respect they deserve—but you may not know that disrespect goes back to veterans of the Vietnam War. Roland Smith was eating at Pizza Hut with his wife when he noticed a disabled veteran and his wife. He approached their table and started a conversation. Smith paid for the couple’s meal, and the act of kindness moved the vet so much he had to return the favor somehow. Read the full story down below. My wife and I went to Pizza Hut this evening for dinner. There...

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Man’s Snoring Kept His Friends Up During Their Trip, Until This Marine Had A Solution On The Third Night

  This funny story involves a man named Bob and his friends who were going on a deer camping trip.   The only problem is: Bob snores. His friends know that, so they take turns each night switching on who watches Bob during the night.   On the third night, Bob’s Marine friend Pete didn’t want to be kept up all night watching Bob. So, he came up with an ingenious plan.   Read what Pete did below:         Haha! Of course the Marine will get the problem to stop. If you laughed, be sure to...

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Marine Veteran Is Brought To Tears When He Gets A Puppy For Christmas

Peter Coukoulis is a Marine veteran who has suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since his return to civilian life three years ago.   With life being a daily struggle and the 26-year-old having difficulties to reconnect with normal life, his mom, Dena, decided to get him the perfect Christmas gift: a tiny beagle pup.   As his family gathers around him to open his present, Coukoulis thinks he knows what’s inside. Little did he know, he would be in for the surprise of his life. Check out his reaction...

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