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Patriot Guard Riders Honor A Fallen Marine

When Staff Sergeant Jonathan Turner died in California due to combat-related issues, his poor mother all the way out in Georgia could not make the trip to attend the official services. Turner was cremated and likely would have been sent home to Georgia in a FedEx box. The thought was too much to bear for the Patriot Guard Riders. Wanting to honor Turner’s service to his country, several state chapters of Patriot Guard Riders took it upon themselves to bring the remains of this Marine back to his home in Georgia with dignity and respect. It’s truly heartwarming to...

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Intrepid Young Marine Drives For 3 Days To Rescue Her Brothers

Melissa is a 21-year-old Marine who joined up because she craved discipline and structure in her life. She had a very difficult life growing up, going in and out of foster homes and dealing with a mother who had addiction problems. Wanting to help her brothers avoid growing up the same way she did, she set out on a mission to officially adopt them. She’s a determined young woman and has two devoted friends willing to help her. However, it still wasn’t quite enough and Greg Benson of ‘Prank it FWD’ was only too happy to help her on...

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