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2-Yr-Old Little Girl Sings Amazing Grace And It's Absolutely Adorable

This video is so cute! This dad is home with her daughter Maya, who’s 2 years old. He’s recording a video and asks her to sing “Amazing Grace” for him.   This adorable toddler is able to sing and she evens know all the lyrics by heart! The video continues on with her singing the “ABC Song” and “You are My Sunshine”.   As if you thought singing wasn’t enough, little Maya is able to count in Spanish and even do simple math at the end of the video as well!   It’s precious moments like these that her...

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Think You Have What It Takes To Solve This IQ Test?

Intelligence tests come and go on the internet; they are viral for a white hot moment before disappearing, often forever. Sometimes they make a comeback every so often when the hungry social media masses are craving a test of their brain capacity. By now, some of you may have seen the most recent one on Facebook involving two numbers being added together and somehow producing very different answers. Take a long, hard look and see if you can understand it. It’s a bit harder than it looks. Whether you solved it – or at least think you’ve solved it...

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Genius Teacher Uses LEGO Blocks To Help Teach Math To Students

It’s probably safe to say that the vast majority of us played with LEGO as kids. Arguably the most famous thing to come out of Denmark since the vikings, it was started many years ago by a carpenter named Ole Kirk Christiansen. He named his company after the Danish phrase “leg godt” which means “play well” in English. Since then, it’s become a feature in homes around the world as a very fun (if occasionally painful) and creative hobby. However, Alycia Zimmerman, a 3rd-grade teacher in New York, decided to start using LEGO bricks in her lessons to help...

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Japan Has The Best Way To Learn Multiplication

There are many millions of people past and present who struggle with math. To be fair, math is hard. They try and teach you things like irrational numbers, negative numbers, and pi isn’t even a real and tasty pie, so you feel lied to. America has fallen behind in the maths core department internationally, but all that could change. This handy and fool-proof trick comes from Japan, and this neat visualization of multiplication is how the Japanese learn to do multiplication in school growing up. All of sudden, math seems a lot more simple. Instead of having to memorize...

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